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Mediation is an informal, confidential process in which two or more people involved in a dispute come together in an effort to reach a resolution to their conflict. The parties use the assistance of a neutral third person, a Mediator. The Mediator is trained and experienced in conflict resolution and has the ability to facilitate respectful discussion between the participants by encouraging them to listen to each other, seek clarification, brainstorm options for resolution, and reach an agreement which is placed in writing. 

The benefit of Mediation is that it saves time and money and encourages participants to work on reaching a resolution that works for both sides.


Arbitration is typically used as an efficient substitute for litigation. It allows a neutral individual, who has specific expertise in a subject, and after hearing from both sides, to render a decision regarding the matter in dispute. In addition to serving as the decision maker, the arbitrator acts as referee and manager. The benefit of arbitration is that it can be scheduled quickly and information-gathering leading up to the arbitration can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the participants. This promotes cost-savings and speed.

Multi-Party Mediation


Earlene conducts Multi-Party Mediation/Facilitation when the conflict involves several parties. This process may be used with public or private parties and may involve one or multiple Mediators/Facilitators. Earlene uses this process to resolve conflicts, define issues, set up plans to address disputes as they arise, or work out general discord that has not yet become a conflict. She ensures a successful process by working to create a climate in which parties are able to speak, listen to and hear each other, with the goal of reaching a resolution or a framework for cooperation.



Earlene has developed and/or facilitated over 25 training programs on various ADR topics. Her audiences are typically lawyers, judges, mediators, arbitrators, community dispute resolution centers, law students, clients, or newcomers to the field of ADR. The training programs offered through the Law and Mediation Center, PLLC, are specifically tailored to meet the needs and experience level of the participants. Training programs are interactive, thought–provoking and fun. They include role-plays, group analysis, self-evaluation and brief lectures.



Investigation is the process of conducting examination and research into inquiries raised by clients. Earlene uses a systematic and thorough approach in order to divulge facts regarding complex or hidden events, statements, etc., in order to discover the truth. She follows a progression of steps ranging from evidence gathering, information analysis, to theory development and, where possible, validation, and forming grounds for recommendations. Earlene approaches each investigation in an objective manner with a specific plan for data collection and analysis.

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